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For the manufacturing industries of pastry and ice cream products we are able to offer consistent supplies of our Nut based pure pastes, smooth or crunchy creams, conventional and bio.

Our flexible system of production allows us to respond and meet every specific customer’s requirement with tailor made products, characterised by a meticulous research that starts from a selection of supreme raw materials. Our laboratory technicians will study and test various combinations of ingredients in order to reach innovative formulations in line with the times.

There is nothing that makes us pleased as sharing our work with millions of people that will be tasting your final product, a fusion of technology and innovation.



We produce exclusive pure pastes, mixed ones, smooth or crunchy, or even those with an addition of superfood tailored by each customer. Each kind of flavour,  spacing from traditional to current taste trend.

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We are continuously looking for innovative flavours and for a singular perspective, we transform the customer’s wish into a unique recipe.

It is a completely personalised experience, where each detail and every single ingredient is searched and supervised in order to fulfill the required features, adopting a complete tailor-made approach.

We also offer creative interpretations, unconventional choices of international food flavours such as macadamia, pecans and Brazil nuts.

All Made in Italy


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