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We produce 100% pure pastes, toppings, smooth and crunchy nut-based creams for Ice cream and Pastry Shops.

We were born with the aim of creating the highest quality exclusive products, then we realized that the EXCLUSIVITY is actually nothing else than the QUALITY of carefully selected raw materials and craftsmanship.

In this our “exclusivity” we dispose of the most advanced technologies, curious and motivated Research and Development team, fantasy and skill. We are a small team, but we work hard every day to give the best of us. We seek to establish a close and constructive relationship with clients so as to grow with you and for you.


The fact of being specialized in a targeted sector as the production of semi-finished products for Ice cream and pastry shops is due to the wish of doing small things in a great way. This allows us to be focused on a specific topic: processing of nuts.



When a client expresses an idea and a need, there is where our creativity begins.

We are always ready for new challenges, for launching new products tailored for our customers. Describe what are you looking for, we will do our best to fulfill your desire.

We will implement all our human resources and knowledge, our laboratory and research technicians will create something new for you giving so a NEW  LIFE to your ice cream and pastry preparations.

Together we will make a great team, combining your creativity with our skill in processing nuts.



Since I was a child my parents always called me Lebrì. I am Giusi Longhitano, a Sicilian with the Pastry tradition in my blood. The father’s laboratory was my playground, I was raised in-between sugar, flour, creams and all sorts of delicacies, a real paradise for a child. I didn’t follow in father’s footsteps, but the passion for tasty things still remains inside me.

The heritage of a land, Sicily, rich in tradition and raw materials of supreme quality, motivated me to create my “Artisan Lab”. In fact, I define myself as an Artisan in processing Nuts.

I am Lebrì and Lebrì Nut is my creation.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us, we are here for you!

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